Your Attitude Decides the Direction of Your Life

Your attitude decides the direction of your life. Attitude determines your altitudes. To reach the top you need the right kind of Attitude.

Even the numerological total of the word Attitude is 100,!

Attitude is the most important ingredient in the recipe for success.

Your attitude can be positive or negative, actually, whether your attitude is positive or negative decides which direction you will go.

Your attitude depends on your association, on the books you read, on the stuff you listen & watch on a daily basis. It’s said
Jaisi sangat waisi rangat!
A man is known by the company he/she keeps. So choose your friends wisely. I have not read Newspapers for the last 22 years, sometimes it’s better to be uninformed than misinformed & stormed with negatives.

Protect your brain, remember – Garbage In, Garbage Out. Choose the right input & you will get the right outcome.

Indulge into meditation & neutrally watch your thoughts, listen to the dialogues inside you, are they positive or negative, check your response is it optimistic or pessimistic. Decide to change, set the sail of your ship in the right direction & reach Destination SUCCESS

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