Working Hard on Something you Dislike, will kill you from inside

Each and every human being is born for a purpose. We need to find out that purpose. Bible says, Whatever you seek, you will find.

We need to look for something we are passionate about, something which is congruent to our values, something which ignited a fire inside us, something we are crazy about, something we love doing & something we will still do if we is not even paid for it.

For Sachin Tendulkar batting was his first love, for Amitabh Bachchan acting is a passion, for Sania, it’s Lawn Tennis, what is it for you, don’t worry which field pays more money, but focus on what you like. Sachin Tendulkar will never get tired playing & Amitabh won’t get tired acting. So Think, what is that, what is that which you can just keep doing & enjoy every moment doing it. Find your love & find your passion.

The challenge is, we think, if we work hard we will succeed, and we waste our life doing chores that we are not passionate about & lead a life of boredom & stress. And this kills most people from inside. They die before dying. Most of them are so busy making a living that they have forgotten to live. It’s Sad. Hope you find your Purpose & enjoy every moment of your life.

My mission is To be a Ray of Hope for millions, I am passionate about adding value to people.

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