Why Jobs?

Why most of people do jobs?

2 main reasons-
In the British regime, they needed Babu’s, schools were started to train people for jobs. In schools they make you study a prescribed syllabus & you are taken on a predetermined path, 90% become rubber stamps, just following what is taught, they don’t research, they are not creative-minded so don’t develop anything new. Most of them are worried about exam results & Certificates so that they can get a Job. Knowledge is not taken for the sake of knowledge but to get a job, basically, this attitude is wrong. The school machinery has failed entirely as there are millions of Educated unemployed people in our country, and these numbers are growing exponentially. It is also because our Education system doesn’t develop the soft skills needed for growth nor does it teach how to start & Build business. Interestingly, the ones who are less educated know that they will not get Jobs so they start Business, work on it, make it Big & then employ educated people.

The second reason, I feel is, programming by parents, near relatives & friends, they keep saying, study hard, get good marks, you will get a Job & you will be settled in life. Have you ever asked these people are they settled by doing what they are professing & asking you to do? Mostly educated people think, once I get Job, everything will be ok, after getting Job, they start thinking, only if I can get a better job than the one he has. He keeps hopping in search of his dream job. Even after getting a dream Job, most of them are not happy.

In big cities, commute time takes away family & fitness time, Timings at Jobs are not fixed. These routines start frustrating the person, while he is making a living, he actually forgets to live.

Then, WHY, most of them don’t start a business ?
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