To SUCCEED either develop your own SYSTEM or sincerely follow an existing one

Success is a science and not an art. All it needs is following certain steps. Every business has its own Standard Operating Procedure, that needs to be developed.

Whenever you do any activity, you either fail or you succeed. In any case, if you maintain a journal & note down your experiences, you will learn from every mistake you make & ever failure you come across. Just note,
What went right?
What went wrong?
What needs to be changed or improved?
Write down the entire experience & learning. This learning will help you in the future.
Stupidity is making the same mistake & expecting different results.

As you become Successful, you will have a systematic way of doing things. Any success needs us to build organizations and teams, and to do this, you need to lead others to duplicate you, you can guide them to avoid making the same mistakes that you did, so as to save time, money & energy, thereby creating a huge growth in a short time.

The best learnings are learning from other’s mistakes. So other build your own system or use an established system. Examples of established systems are Franchising business, having a proper mentor or coach. Stay blessed stay inspired.

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