Success should be the EFFECT & not the CAUSE

Successful American Entrepreneur Marie Forleo said, Never start a business just to make money, start a business to make a difference.

Why are you doing business ?? What is the real reason or cause? If the cause is just to make money or just to become Successful, there is a very high chance, that you will fail. Success should be the result of the cause and not the cause.

It’s said, if you desire to succeed, find a problem & offer a solution. Find out what people need. Think about how you can impact their life in a positive way or how you can make their life easy or simple.

Mukesh Ambani started JIO and gave data entirely free for 6 months at a time when there was a price war for calling charges. No one even thought that India is a young country & youngsters need Data at a cheaper cost for gaming, watching movies & sports on the go and be active on Social media, Mukesh Ambani understood the need, the problem & offered the solution, the impact that it created was so huge that JIO is one of the largest Mobile Network.

You need to think differently, it’s not, how much you can make, or what will change in your life but what will people whom you are catering to will get, how their lives will change, it’s about making a difference in others life.

So work on the Cause, don’t worry about the result, if what you are offering is really something that impacts people at large, you will surely benefit.

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