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June 16, 2020

Success comes to the ones who keep it SHORT AND SIMPLE

Most of the people think the more impressive their presentation or talk is, the more successful they will become. If you see around you, the people who are very successful, keep it very short & simple.

Simplicity is the mark of excellence, as simple things can be duplicated easily by anyone.

Incorporate culture, everyone is in a race of proving himself/herself better than others, and that is the reason, they complicate things, to show they are irreplaceable. But if any organization has to grow fast, they need to keep it

So simple, that anyone can duplicate. So, next time, whenever you are doing something, ask yourself, is it simply duplicatable by even a small child, if the answer is yes, Just do it

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To SUCCEED either develop your own SYSTEM or sincerely follow an existing one

Kiran Desai

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