Procrastination is the top most reason, why most of the people fail in life
100’s of years ago Saint Kabir said
Kal kareso aaj kar, aaj kareso ab
But what most of us do
Aaj kareso Kal kar, Kal kareso parso, jab jeena hai barso.
Why we really procrastinate,
We are Lazy,
Busy with other things,
Dreams not written,
Goals or target time not set to accomplish certain work
Activities planned are not time bound
The fear of failure or rejection,
The fear of being ridiculed
The fear of being imperfect
The fear of success,
The fear of increased demand
The fear to perform continuously
The fear of higher expectations

It’s easy to DO & difficult to think.
If we want to do something, we should just go ahead & do it.
See small kids, they just do it, they don’t worry for results
We need to be innocent like kids.
So if you want to learn something new or you want to pursue some hobby, or start a business or take action in your present occupation or do want you always wanted to do. Just do it, and do it now, start immediately & believe me, wonders will happen. If you know any other reasons for procrastination, mention in comments section, if you like what I write do like & comment & yes follow me @kiranjdesai . Stay blessed & stay inspired

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