Once you have set your Goals, the next step is PLANNING

Once you have set your Goals, the next step is PLANNING

No one Plans to Fail, but most people Fail to Plan. Planning helps you to get organized, to use your time properly. It helps to stay focused on the Goals. The plan is a blueprint.

Proper Prior Preparation prevents Poor Performance.
Are you prepared ??
Do you think, you are ready for the future??

What you need to Plan –
The time needed to be invested on a daily /weekly basis to achieve your goals.

Problems/challenges that you expect, you will be faced with in the Success journey.

Write down possible solutions for every problem. Come up with multiple solutions for the same problem.

List what you will have to change-
Your dress code
Your association
Your habits

Make a detailed plan for five years.
Work in reverse order till the present day.
Remember to make your life successful, you need to make the present year successful, to make the year successful, you need to make every month count, to make the month successful you need to succeed every week, similarly, you need to make the present day, present moment successful. For that, you need to know, what you are required to do now, that requires PLANNING.

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