Life is a one time opportunity. Life is the most wonderful GIFT of GOD to each and everyone of us. We have a choice to use it the way we want. Life is precious, everyone has the right to decide the value of their own life.

Now the value will be determined by your activities. That what you do on daily basis. Your life has a Birth date and a Death Date, interestingly you cannot decide these dates, you cannot choose the where, how and when you will die or how, where and when you were born, but YES you can choose HOW you will live this life.

You can choose to

waste your life

spend your life

invest your life

Swami Vivekananda said, Your life is an experience, the journey to know your ownself.

Life according to me is a Play and not a movie. once on the stage, you have just one chance, nothing more, nothing less, just one chance, and you have to do your best. Now how good you will perform depends on how good you have practised or how many times you have rehearsed. In real life you can do this by learning and then repeatedly doing it again and again on a consistent basis till you don’t become good at it. Its like playing a Piano, first you need to learn the basics and then just keep playing it again and again, till you master it.

When I learnt typing, there were those old typewrites, we had a mini typewriter in our home, I wend to classes, first few days were. asdfg, ;lkjh, it just went on, I wondered why they didn’t have abcd, efgh, but once I learnt typing, it all started making sense. I learnt to type at a speed of 100 words per minute, but the transistion from typewriters to Computer was not so smooth, but by consistent practice I learnt it, again from computers to Laptops was painful. And now on Mobile its altogether different. We need to get accustomed and aclimatised with the environment. We need to learn to change and to adapt, to get updated to avoid becoming outdated and obsolete.

As in a play you get one more chance to play on 2nd occasion, each and everyday comes with a new opportunity to begin again and do better than yesterday, you will do better than yesterday, only if you learn from yesterday. In life you either learn or you succeed. I have developed a habit of journaling every event of my life. I analyse my day, and think and write down

what went right today ?

what mistakes did I make today ?

how can i improve ?

These questions help me to perform better and better, even if you improve half a percent every day, you will be 180% BETTER next year. Its so SIMPLE, but the problem with simple and easy things is they are simple and easy not to do, 95% people just don’t change, just don’t strive to become better.

So how do i know I am becoming better, simple to measure anything, you need to set a measurable target or Goal. I have discussed goals elaborately in my other blog, go through it and set your goals.

Work on your daily goals on your different areas of your life. My daily routine which has helped me to grow and succeed,

Wake up at 5am

5am to 5.55am Yoga and stretching

5.55 am to 6.20 am getting ready

6.30 to 7.30 Meditation. affirmation visualisation

8-9.30 exercise, writing blogs, listening to audios and streaming

so on and so forth

Doing anything for consistently 21 days, help you to develop a Habit. Habit is something you do without even thinking of doing it. Today I get up without alarm before 5 am. I do most of my activities very unconsciously. So just develop good habits, only the challenge is, bad habits are easy to develop and hard to leave, and good habits are very difficult to develop and easy to stop. So keep doing good things consistently. Robin Sharma, a very successful author says, if you have well defined Goals, you will have awareness, awareness creates right choices and right choices will give you the right results.

My activities are congruent to my Health goals, Financial goals, personal and career growth goals, social goals, spiritual or my mind building goals, and all these goals have one focus, one purpose, one mission in mind, that mission is, to be a Ray of Hope for millions globally. Every night before sleeping I just analyse my day and check, was the day well invested, or was it well spent or did I waste, where I need improvement. how can I be better tomorrow.

I have a set of values and principles for my life, according to them, I perform my activities, I don’t do anything against my values and principles, I never compromise values for success or profit. Peace of mind is most important for me. I live everyday as if its the last day of my life and do my best to make the day most memorable day of my life, it encourages me to do better. I am eager to pat on my own shoulders and say to myself WELL DONE KIRAN, I don’t need someone else to praise me if I can say well done to myself, as its the most important recognition and certification. I am sure if you can do this on daily basis, one day everyone will recognise you and your efforts for sure. The day I am not able to say WELL DONE KIRAN, I promise myself to work on myself next day, if God gives me one more opportunity in form of one more day.

So guys, make today count, do your best, choose the stuff that goes in and you can choose the life. Choose your associations with right people, right books, right listening material, depending on your values and goals. A successful day will lead to a successful week and a successful month to a successful year and a really successful LIFE.

See you at the top

Stay blessed,stay inspired

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