Job Security

In his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, explains 4 quadrants in which people belong to depending on their income source. According to Robert Kiyosaki, anyone doing a job or seeking Job has a mindset of secured income, he doesn’t want to take Risk & as a result, he opts to search for a Job.

Today Jobs don’t offer any security, with technological advancement, lots of industries are on the risk of becoming obsolete. Example HMV, Kodak, just imagine a decade ago Kodak had the highest number of employees but it doesn’t exist today. Robots are becoming an integral part of many industries thereby thousands of people are getting laid off. The education, talent or skill which you possess today may be of no use altogether tomorrow, in a recent interview Jack Ma founder of Alibaba said, if you are doing something which can be replaced by technology, you will lose your job very soon.

With Electrical Vehicles, the Pollution will decrease to a huge level, our country will save a huge amount of money spent today on import of oil, but all Petrol pumps will close down, can you imagine the number of people that will lose their jobs- millions, on the other hand, 1000’s of spare part manufacturing companies will not be needed & will be forced to close down thereby removing millions of Jobs. This is only one industry, technological Intervention will be taking place in all industries.
so I ask you

Where is Job Security ??

What is the definition of a good job, in fact, Good & Job are opposite words.

People in the late ’40s are losing their Jobs & companies replacing them with youngsters, thereby reducing the companies expenditure on Salaries.

just imagine, you are in your late 40’s & you lose your job, you have to pay for your kids school fees, for his Bus, household expenditures, Home Loan EMI, other EMI, credit card payments, Insurance payouts, maids, etc, how will you manage, will it be easy to get a New so-called Good Job at that age, with age what do you think, your ability to perform will increase or decrease ??

You need to ask yourself some questions yourself. Yes, You should always hope for the best, but you need to be ready for the worst.

Do you really have solutions, are you looking for some solutions ??

If you really want a solution, you can contact us, we will be more than eager to find a solution for you.

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