Let us first understand the crisis that will be created by the lockdown
The Corona Virus crisis is considered as worse than the World Wars that have taken place to date, during World War lots of countries were affected by financial loss due to warfare expenditures & human loss due to deaths during the war. But it was not a total Lockdown, any war a country fights, lands that country in huge losses and creates a big dent to the economy of that country, taking its years behind other countries. This is because the money they could have invested in infrastructure and other developments is spent on WAR.

But the present CORONA virus crisis has forced an International LOCKDOWN, everything has come to a standstill, Businesses & Governments are both on the losing end. Since business have closed down there is no production, no sale and hence there is no profit and no Tax revenues to the Government. This Corona Virus menance is like a double edged sword cutting from both the sides, Government has a dropped revenue collection, but at the same time Government has to spend huge amounts for health, food & miscellaneous expenses of daily wage earners and of people below poverty line. There will be a huge burden on Governments Health department aswell.

During LOCKDOWN, there are some people working from home, but there are equal or may be greater number of people who have no work, infact both these people are either
for their future, as everyone is sure that millions of people will lose their job, as there will be a huge world-wide recession, which might need 2-3 years or more to return to normal. Some are not even sure that they will survive this menance as thousands of people have already succumbed to death

People will be facing
Financial challenges
Health challenges
Relationship issues
Psychological disorders

Financial challenges
As I mentioned before millions of people will be losing their jobs, & many of them will be forced to closed down their business, just consider the Travel & Hospitality or Hotel industry, which will be facing the biggest jerk, How many of you are planning to travel or stay in Hotel in near future, the answer is NO ONE, events companies will lose heavily as gatherings, conferences, family events, social events will not be allowed for quite a sometime, what will happen to the people working in these industries, there are lots of countries just depending on Travel & tourism industry, the biggest example is Italy. Similarly many other industries will follow the same. Infrastructure companies will lose as Governments will not be able to invest in new projects due to insufficient funds due to lockdown. All small shop owners will be forced to think of going online. Automobile companies will also get hit as no one will go for luxury items.

Ask some questions to yourself :
How many people will be able to retain their jobs/business ?
How many of them do you think, who retain their jobs or business will continue to make the same amounts of income they were making before the crisis ?
If incomes are affected, what happens to their lifestyle, will they be able to afford it ?
How many of them can pay their EMI’s & credit card dues on time ?
How many of them will be forced to sell their houses, cars & other assets as they will not be able to afford the EMI & maintenance costs, this will affect the construction industry and also the people who depend on them for their livelihood.
The list of questions is endless

Health challenges
In the most developed & advanced country like USA, lacs of people are infected as on today by the deadly CORONA Virus, 1000’s have died till date.
Anxiousness, fear, depression, worries will have a big toll on a huge number of people, sense of insecurity & worry will be the biggest cause of ill health. The number of people dying by the fear of Corona Virus will be higher than the people who will actually die because of the infection. Think about it. I personally know, one of my friends nephew, aged 39 years got a severe heart attack on 5th April at around 11.30am, was immediately taken to hospital, but Doctor was not able to reach till 5.30pm, even after angioplasty, he didn’t survive. This is because there is a lot of pressure on the health workers due to Corona virus crisis. There might be lots of such incidences.

Relationship & Psychological challenges
Because of the lockdown, families are together throughout the day, misunderstanding are already growing within families, most of them are reactive & have not learnt to respond in given situations. Events that happen in life don’t control the outcome, but how we react in a given situation does control the outcome. Furthermore, if the income reduces or stops & people are forced to downgrade their lifestyles, it will make the relationships suffer if the family members don’t understand what are the head of the family’s circumstances. Divorce rates might rise.

So aggregately, this crisis can take a toll from all the directions.

Is there any solution to this ?
I feel the real question should be, are you a problem finder or solution finder ?
Every problem has a solution, everywhere except inside it. As the key is made before the lock, solution takes birth before any problem. You just need to learn to convert the problem into challenge and face it, once you are aware of the challenges, you can think over it and find solutions or seek experts help and find solutions.
Remember one thing, nothing stays of ever and this will pass away too. We just need to believe that this is temporary. After every dark night there is Sunrise which enlightens everything, at the end of every dark tunnel there is light, but the question is do you believe it. Sometimes we know everything but still don’t believe.

The best solution in the present situation is to work on making our inner self stronger, knowing yourself. You need to ask question to your ownself
Who am I ?
What is the purpose of my life ?
What really belongs to me, that I will lose, whatever I have built can be rebuilt.
For this
start meditating, positive affirmations and Visualisation.
This will build your confidence also increase your belief
Start reading Positive Mental attitude books and listen to positive stuff as much as possible, stay away from negative news and negative people. Don’t share or forward negative messages to anyone, speak positive in all circumstances.
Choose right association, spend more time with people who hope for a better future and always remain positive and calm.
Give priority to relationships, always think from the other persons perspective, you will understand the other person more. Real test of love and relationship can be judged in worse situations and not in prosperity. Sita decided to accompany Lord Rama in exile, she had to give up all the comforts of Palace, that shows her real affection towards her husband. We need to be together in thick and thin. If we enjoy good times together, why cant we face challenges together. A United family is always blessed by God.

House wives and teenage children should start working & help the family financially, I belong to a very humble background, during my childhood we were continously engaged in doing small activities that helped us earn money, this way we helped our parents financially. Childrens should understand the families economic conditions and demand accordingly, thereby reducing frustrations of parents. Remember this is temporary, just 2-3 years and everything will return to normal. I assure you one thing this will strengthen the family bonds between all the members of the family. In future everyone will thank for this challenge as it will be for long term good of entire mankind.

Health should be considered as the first priority, and we all should invest at least one hour daily in physical activities. Its hardly 4% of the entire day, can we not invest this much for a healthy life. Do everything to increase your immunity. Find out what boosts immunity. Learn how your body works and make it work for you. The more you pamper your body, the more pain it will give you, the more pain you instill to it, the more pleasurable life you will have. So decide what you will do with this body. Though you have received this body free of charge, the maintenance is very high, and the part are not replaceable at any cost. Even repair work is very costly.
So now you know the question paper in advance, once you find the right answers for these questions, I have also suggested some answers, you can research and find some more, you will pass this exams with 100% marks.

You might say, I have put forth lots of hypothetical problems, they might never occur. Ok, but don’t you think is better to be prepared, think of the best but be ready for the worse.

If you need more guidance on your personal problems, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help and guide you to solve your problems.

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