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June 16, 2020

Do the Basics on a Consistent Basis

Every field has basics & fundamentals. Whenever you find you are stuck & not growing, just go back to the basics, sharpen your skills.

To grow, the most important thing is taking consistent efforts. You need to believe consistently when no one believes. It’s said, it’s better to do something imperfectly but consistently rather than doing something perfectly but irregularly. Consistency is key.

Failures will come, challenges will come, obstacles will stop you, but one who is consistent will overcome failures face challenges & remove obstacles & succeed.

A drop of water, though powerless, breaks or shapes a stone, when it falls on it consistently. Power is not in the drop but in its consistency.

So if you start something, decide to finish, it’s not about winning the race but finishing it. Never ever Quit.

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Kiran Desai

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