Famous Author Robin Sharma says The prices of Discipline are far less than the pain of regret.

There is no free lunch, nothing comes free. You need to pay the price of failure as well as the price of Success. Interestingly the price of success is far less than the price of failure. Failure is when you quit, when you are not ready to pay the price, or are afraid of failing.

Failure is when you accept to live a mediocre life, failure is when you don’t use your potential to the fullest, 80% people keep searching outside, the seed of success is implanted inside you, God doesn’t create junk, you are born with unique qualities & potential.

Discipline is needed to do anything on a consistent basis, your mind will play games with you, will ask you to relax, will give an excuse, why you should not do it, but self-discipline will make you do anything.

And Yes, remember one thing, if you don’t have self discipline & you don’t discipline yourself, there will be always someone who will discipline you. Your boss, your wife, your children, society, your colleagues……… better discipline yourself.

More than 90% regret at the end of their life, looking back they think, they didn’t do a lot of things, which they really desired to do, didn’t use their talents & skills to the fullest, relied more on others opinions rather than listening to themselves, didn’t make decisions, they didn’t feel like taking Risks, ending with risking & losing their life with no experience gained & nothing fruitful achieved.

Go do things you really want to do, live life to the fullest. Enjoy the precious gift called LIFE.

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