Best Tools For Remote Dev Teams

TeamViewer is a free and standalone software application that enables you to manage your remote php teams effectively. It allows each employee on a team to share information about themselves, their projects and any related materials via IM or SNS while simultaneously collaborating quickly via instant messaging. It also allows each employee to be presented with documents from their respective home computers. It remote software development tools gives you the ability to manage tasks, know where your team members are at all times, and even set up performance reviews for individual tasks. Remote developers commonly use Slack to communicate between themselves and their teams. Many companies use it as their primary communication tool, and it’s a perfect one. If you work for a startup or a smaller business, finding people to work with may be difficult.

remote software development tools

Photoshop has a fairly steep learning curve, but there are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube to get you started. You can either use one of Jira’s out-of-the-box workflows to hit the ground running or you can create a new workflow that matches the way your team works. Jira connects to your product’s roadmap and allows you to ship faster, before those deadlines hit. Visual Studio Code is the favorite code editor of most developers. It’s free, it works for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it has Git commands built-in, and it has so many extensions that you can customize it to your heart’s desire. The new kid on the block that breaks all the rules and doesn’t care. Roam makes it incredibly easy to link information from one note to the other.

Visual Studio Code

VS Code should not be confused with Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE, which is a fully featured IDE that enables more complex workflows not available in VS Code. Visual Studio is also free for students, open-source contributors, and individuals. Loom is a video recording tool that lets you simultaneously record your desktop, camera, and microphone. It’s perfect for creating instructional videos to walk someone through a particular procedure (that’s how we use it). The main advantage of these programs is that they merge the code continuously and instantaneously detect if there are any problems. You integrate your code on the go without waiting until the demo to know whether the software will crash. Code branches allow you to merge changes together and if anything doesn’t work, it’ll show exactly which branch contains problems.

  • Blake is an IT specialist exploring the ways to apply the latest technological advancements in business.
  • Chimp or Champ allows managers to connect with their team in a simple and best way.
  • Of course, establishing a trusting relationship from day one and fostering an environment of personal responsibility is always best.

Perfect if you want to create social media graphics, blog post images, presentations, posters, or other types of visual content. dotnet Framework for developers Originally created in 1988 (!), Photoshop is the standard when it comes to designing and creating images and raster graphics.

Mob Programming For Remote Teams: A Resource Guide

It also lets you search your chat archives for a particular information or text. You can also assign teams, select members, track progress, and get reports from employees and deliver to clients. If you are looking for perfect remote office communication tools, you should try this one.

remote software development tools

If any developer is ahead of your time zone, you can review his work the same day. Also, you can instantly access and coordinate the next thing. It is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to save files online and access them whenever from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. It can be used on your computer or mobile device to securely upload files and modify them online. Evernote is the grandfather of productivity software which is now by far the best-known note-taking app.


Trio works closely with a number of tools that make the lives of our remote software engineers much easier, so trust that Trio has your best interests in mind. Due dates, calendaring, and to-do lists help users set their priorities and organize their work based on the urgency of the assigned tasks.

It’s the world’s go-to software development platform and pretty much a required remote work tool for any software developer. GitHub helps development teams work together on their software projects from beginning to end. In addition, Google Calendar features a world clock, which is very convenient if your remote teams work from different time zones. Plus, you can connect your Google Calendar to a time tracking app and track time spent on any scheduled calendar event. It’s important to include a well-tailored calendar into the array of your remote team management tools. Calendars keep the dates of the scheduled meetings, send notifications and keep the to-do lists in order.

JetBrains announces Fleet next-gen IDE, support for remote coding – Developer Tech

JetBrains announces Fleet next-gen IDE, support for remote coding.

Posted: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 17:15:43 GMT [source]

Evaluate how this change will alter the ways of working for your team. Fostering openness and creating transparency builds trust, which enables team members to take risks, admit mistakes, rely on each other and improve together. To address this, we must refocus on helping the people who use our products to solve their problems.

It got to the point where features from Slack are slowly dripping into the general messengers like Discord or Telegram. is an up-and-coming screen-sharing software that takes a slightly different approach than Teamviewer. It’s a web application — which means that you don’t need to install anything. Just open the page, sign in, and share your screen with your remote team members. Storage for all your documents and other files, with robust permission options and very easy-to-use UI.

These include product-based companies, app-making organizations, IT companies, etc. When you work in a physical office with your team, you can walk by someone and catch up with their lives.

A perfect option for file sharing among team members who work remotely. Unfortunately, Google’s take on Excel is not as sharp as its Word alternative. While it can do a lot, there are features that are outright missing — like Pivot Tables or even an ability to select non-contiguous rows. Still, what is there, is exceptionally polished and suffices for most users.

Focus On Your Business

It helps you keep track of your work and of others in your network, manage daily tasks and discuss, and chat with remote colleagues. It can work as a perfect alternative to Google Hangouts when you need a larger number of people to attend a meeting at once. The live video tool lets you broadcast directly to your team or company from anywhere through your smartphone camera. Other notable features include multi-company groups, news feed, work chat, voice and video calls, alerts, task scheduling and automation, cloud integration and more. Managing remote teams can be hard without a true team spirit. Some of your remote developers may not be capable of fitting into every group, especially remotely.

remote software development tools

Wrike is used in agile, agency, enterprise, and project portfolio project management use cases and boasts being used by over 20,000 organizations and 2M+ users across 140 countries. You want to be able to share your screen with the people who need to see it most.

On a freelancing platform, you will have access to a pool of talented developers from around the world who are looking for work opportunities. A freelance work platform is a marketplace website where people can earn money by offering their expertise and services. Service offerings range from digital marketing to project management. However, these platforms are widely used by software engineers. The programming skills you need – Last but not least, you need to make sure that the developers you are considering hiring can actually do what they say. This will give you an idea of how competent they are at their job.

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