Begin with end in mind

In his book 7 Habits of highly successful people, Stefan Covey, explains about this in his first chapter. This is a must read book for people who are looking to succeed in life. We need to understand that our life is God’s Gift to us and what we do with our life is our gift to God. Success is not we own or what we have, but what others have because of us. How will the World remember us after we leave this earth. Though we didn’t choose our Date of Birth nor can we choose our Date of Death (DOB-DOD), we can surely choose how we live the life i.e. the dash between the two dates – & what we do during our stay over here. 97% of the entire population just read History and die, but 3% people create history, only human beings have the capability to dream, to build something constructive, to leave a scratch on this earth by doing something very unique and different.

Each day of our life is a learning experience. Everything and everyone can teach us something if we are teachable and we decide to learn, if you break the word learning its L + earning, here L stands for long term. Good teaches us what to do, while bad teaches us what not to do. Swami Vivekananda said, when you succeed you can lead, and when you fail you can guide. You always learn by failing. When you are looking to do something great in life, you will be faced with challenges with failures and rejections, only a person who is determined and doesn’t quit succeeds. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill states, Winners never Quit, Quitters never win. So if you want to  leave a mark, decide not to quit, change the route, change your occupation if needed, diversify, do multiple things,  but never change your destination, your burning desire, the things which you really intend to achieve in this life.

Remember you are not known by what you have accumulated, but by what you have given to fellow country men or what initiatives you took to make their life more comfortable. We should always think about the challenges and problems faced by the society and whether we can offer some solution for it from the experience or knowledge that we possess,

A ordinary school teacher who never thought she was even capable of becoming Principal of that school went to become Saint Mother Teresa, she  didn’t leave any assets or didn’t own anything, but what she did will be remembered for 100’s of years to come, she sacrificed her entire life. She is idol to millions of people, and was Ray of  hope for millions.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a King and great Maratha warrior, who started the philosophy of SWARAJ, where the people own the state and the King is a server/sevak. He is also known for his administrative and guriella warfare skills. He is not just remembered & loved but worshipped.

Swami Prabhupada, started his journey with just some trunks full of books, & 8 dollars worth of Indian Rupees in his late sixties, to promote ISKON, today ISKON is all over the world and in every temple of ISKON you will see his IDOL

Steve Jobbs, who started Apple, will always be remembered, he always worked on making the life of human being more comfortable by use of technology. He always worked on solving problems.

Can you find out some problems faced the society today ?

Can you find or develop something to solve this problem ?

If you are facing any issue or problem, feel free to contact us. We assure you, we will surely do our best to find a solution.

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