Be Grateful for What you have as What you have is dream of millions

Around 12 years back, I decided to celebrate my Birthday with Physically challenged children at Helpers of the Handicap institute near Kolhapur city. Accordingly, I completed the registration procedure.

We were to have our lunch with around 125 children over there. We decided to go for an hour and a half early so that we can spend some quality time with the children before having lunch with them.

I was very excited, I was accompanied by my wife Sneh, my son Siddhant, & my papa. After getting down from the car, I saw a nicely constructed building with lots of trees around it. As soon as we entered, we were greeted by the children & went to meet the head of the institute, this Lady was a doctor & she guided us to a girl on a wheelchair, this girl was our tour guide, though physically challenged, the way she carried herself proved her confidence & self-reliance. Then we met a small girl around 9-11 years old Karishma, she had no hands, but the consistent smile on her face showed that absence of both limbs didn’t matter her, she was happy with whatever she had, I can still remember her smile, after that day, for me and my family was really learning, you can be grateful for what you have or keep whining for what you don’t have. Like the little Karishma, I chose to be grateful. I really thank God for whatever I have, I am also thankful for Karishma & other handicapped children who taught me a lesson of LIFE.

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