June 16, 2020

Be Ambitious

Each & every human being who is ambitious wants a better life, and have different dreams & ideas of living a life.

Les Brown says, 80% of people do just 3 things, make some money, have kids & they die. But few people create History. If you are reading this, you definitely belong to the 20% who dreams, who want to do something different, want to make this earth a better place to live, maybe want to become a WORLD for someone, or change something, create something, discover something, invent something. Because you have a dream.

Once you have a dream, you need a decision, determination, dedication, commitment, perseverance, consistent & persistent effort to achieve it.

For that to happen, you need to fall in love with your dream, you need to be passionate, & for that your decision needs to cover a journey from the brain to the heart, though the heart is just feet away from the heart, some people never complete the journey, some people take years, some might take months or days, & sometimes it just needs a spark and in a moment the dream sinks in the heart. Once it’s there, you become unstoppable, no one defeats you or demean you. Opinions & advice fall on deaf ears & you madly go after your dream.

Deewangi, Junoon, pagalpan is what is needed, hope you complete this journey & succeed, you can also win, come join the race of winners, come fall in love of your dreams, and miracles will happen.

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Kiran Desai

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